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Tuesday 3rd October, 2006
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Domino 7.0.2 comes complete with the new "IBM Blog" template.

Adapted from Steve Castledine's Dominoblog template, and indeed showing it's roots in the dominoblog.ntf template filename, the new template allows Domino to fully support RSS enabled blogs out of the box.

As the "about" document in the template explains...

This database allows you to create individual or team based "blog" websites or other types of content based websites.

The database works straight out of the box after completing a simple creation wizard.

Current Features

Template and Tag based design makes it easy to change default designs to suit individual or corporate requirements

Full inbuilt RSS Feeds from Content/Comments and Categories of Content

Comment/Discussion system with anti-spam functionality

Future automatic publishing or expiry of content

Notes and Web based content editing

Supports Podcasting

Automatic Content Archiving and Searching

Social Bookmarking

But how well does it work?

A review of the template, and how it compares to the original Dominoblog template will follow. Until then, this is how it looks out of the box

  1. 1) G Said: (04/10/2006 08:55:06 GMT) Gravatar Image
    The IBM Blog

    Just Curious

    What place does a blog have in an Enterprise ?

  2. 2) Ben Rose Said: (04/10/2006 09:10:35 GMT) Gravatar Image
    The IBM Blog

    Personally I think blogs are handy for project status reporting.

    For example if I had a blog for my ND6 -> ND7 upgrade project I could then blog major milestones, e.g. the servers in this location have been upgrade to R7 or the new client install package has been created.

    These can be linked off the intranet and readers can post comments as required. Managers can subscribe to RSS feeds so information is fed to them without the need for email.

  3. 3) Charles Robinson Said: (04/10/2006 19:51:50 GMT) Gravatar Image
    The IBM Blog

    @2 - And where is this Intranet template? :)

  4. 4) Steve Castledine Said: (05/10/2006 18:38:17 GMT) Gravatar Image
    The IBM Blog

    Charles - the blog tempate can do intranets - I've done many before using it.

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