The JCB Song

Thursday 1st December, 2005
There's a big push here in the UK to make a new song called 'JCB' by relatively unknown band Nizlopi the number one. From what I can tell, the main intention is to see whether the net is sufficient marketing push to promote a song in a big enough way to get it to #1 over the holidays.

They've got quite a groovy web site where you can hear the song and even watch the video. I actually quite like it and the video is a nice giggle along with the lyrics covering the story of a boy and his dad holding up all the traffic in his JCB.

If you haven't heard it, have a listen. It's good, but I'd buy The Caterpillar Song is there was one ;O)

  1. 1) Chris Fogarty Said: (02/12/2005 15:33:08 GMT) Gravatar Image
    The JCB Song

    Howya Ben

    We met at the Ireland Lotus User Group.

    I just wouldn't feel right helping that song to Number 1. It's bad enough having to listen to it on the radio all the time(don't know if it's played in the UK or not but it is in Ireland).

    I'm afraid he'll have to continue "holding up the bypass" as far as I'm concerned



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