The Signature Wizard

Wednesday 9th August, 2006
Image:The Signature Wizard
He may be a Geek, but in some ways Rocky Oliver is a least when it comes to signatures.

We've been rolling out Rocky's Signature Wizard utility to all our UK staff with great effect, unfortunately we've hit a hurdle with Nordic characters in Europe.

We first noticed a problem with Swedish letters å, ä, ö but now realise it extends to all non-ASCII characters in english names. All the unknown characters are replaced with the question mark (?) character as the .htm file gets written and J?ffa just doesn't look right in someone's name.

Rocky was kind enough to assist via IM and suggest I replace part of the script and use UTF-8, UTF-16 or Unicode character sets but we haven't had much success yet. We need to find the right codepage for these character sets and, so far, I'm flying blind. I figured I'd end up blogging the solution anyway so decided to blog the problem as well.

Any ideas anyone?

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