The things you find...

Saturday 16th September, 2006
I'm home alone this weekend, Jo's at a hen party, and I'm home sorting out some of the boxes from our house move.

I've just come across a load of old paperwork from years back including all my CLP certificates etc. and I found this certificate I thought I'd misplaced years ago.

Image:The things you find...

A Techical Excellence Award I received from my time at LPS ( after I single handedly bailed out a sinking Notes/Domino migration just hours before the customer pulled the plug.

Awards like this are nice, and I only recently stop using the Mini Disc player I received as an award, but they can cause considerable alienation amongst your peers. Just like exam results in school, nobody really likes the goody goody at the top of the class.

Unfortunately, when it comes to making friends or simply getting the job done, I've always prioritised the latter - two further awards for customer satisfaction seem to go towards proving that this was a good option.

So, if you're wondering who Volker referred to (  so maturely in his anonymous hearsay post, it was undoubtedly me and you know what? I'm just as proud of that as I was the day I won those awards.

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