Thursday 5th May

Thursday 5th May, 2005
Image:Thursday 5th May
The decision you take today will help decide the future direction of Britain. There is a huge amount at stake but a simple choice. For, in the end, only Labour or the Conservatives will form the next government.

Your support at the last two general elections has given us the chance to build a better country. We know we haven't done everything. We know not everyone has agreed with all we have done. But despite the challenges that remain, we are proud that Britain is a better, fairer place than eight years ago.

Our economy is stable and successful. Two million more people are in work. Mortgages are half the level they were under the Tories. Local schools and hospitals are improving. The minimum wage and tax credits are helping families. Hundreds of thousands of pensioners and children have been lifted out of poverty.

But we want to do more - and with your support we will. And that's the choice you will make today.

We can keep the economy strong to help a million more people into work, or the country can go back under the Tories to mass unemployment. We can keep mortgages down or we can go back to 15 per cent interest rates.

We can raise the minimum wage to £5.35 or we can go back to poverty pay. We can keep working to reduce waiting times in the NHS and improving our schools or we can go back to Tory cuts and charges.

These are the fundamental choices. That's why this election matters. Forget the polls or experts. Not a vote has been counted. Not a seat won. It's what you do today that matters.

If you value the strength of our economy, you have to vote to keep it strong. If you value schools and hospitals, you have to vote for them.

Please use your vote. Don't think the result is in the bag. Don't think you can cast a protest vote without the Tories getting back into power. Because if just one in ten Labour supporters do that or stay at home, Michael Howard will be in Downing Street. If you want a Labour government, you have to vote Labour. It couldn't be simpler - or more important.

Please support us today

Yours sincerely,
Image:Thursday 5th MayImage:Thursday 5th May

PS. Remember to tell your friends to vote. Polls are open from 7am to 10pm.

Adapted from an email sent by the Labour Party, promoted by Matt Carter, General Secretary, the Labour Party, on behalf of the Labour Party, all at 16 Old Queen Street, London SW1H 9HP.

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