To anyone who uses British Airways

Friday 11th March, 2005
British Airways is pleased to announce a further roll out of Online
Boarding Passes.  As part of the Online Check-in service, your travellers
can print their own boarding pass from the comfort of their home, office or
hotel, when flying out of the following airports:

Amsterdam     Athens          Barcelona               Basle
Birmingham    Berlin          Bordeaux                Bristol
Cologne       Düsseldorf      Edinburgh               Frankfurt
Geneva        Hamburg         Hanover                 Johannesburg*
Lisbon        London City     London Heathrow Terminal 1*   Lyon
Madrid        Manchester      Marseille               Montreal
Moscow (DME)  Munich          Newcastle               Nice
Oslo          Paris (CDG)     Southampton             Stockholm
Stuttgart     Tel Aviv        Toulouse                Toronto
Vancouver     Vienna          Zurich

Online  Boarding  Passes  lets your travellers spend longer at home or work
before  they  travel,  by  allowing  them  to check in online from 24 hours
before  their  flight  departs.   For  flights from the US, Online Check-in
closes 2 hours before departure.

The  Online Boarding Pass is printed onto plain A4 paper and has a unique 2
dimensional barcode, which is checked by a scanner at airport security.  If
your  travellers  have  bags  to  check  in they can use the Fast Bag Drop†
before passing through airport security.

The  improved technology is part of British Airways’ drive to simplify your
travellers travel experience creating a seamless journey.


Dear BA - There's 2 things you can do to improve my experience.

   1) Give me some Heinz ketchup with my Breakfast
   2) Put up some VERY big signs, starting by the taxi rank, that says "BA Lounge this way"

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