To host or not to host

Friday 10th June, 2005
As you may have read before, the server is hosted in my Kitchen! This is quick and easy and saves me a load of hassle but I'm begining to struggle with bandwidth.

I currently use NTL broadband for hosting which provides me with 256Kb upstream soon to increase to 300Kb. I get this bandwidth by subscribing to their top level (Gold class) 3000Kb package which costs me £37.99/mth.

Now I've started using VoIP for home phone, I'm struggling for upstream bandwidth. Whenever one of my websites is busy, or outbound email is being sent, my phoneline breaks up. One solution is to buy a VoIP aware router which will handle the bandwidth contention. But this means the website will slow down whenever I'm on the phone, not ideal.

So I'm toying with a hosting option. I can theoretically have a dedicated server with from $125/mth which isn't cheap but it's not so bad when paying in UK pounds. A bit overkill for just a hoppy, I'm not a consultant and this isn't my business, but not a bad price for what you get. Anybody recommend any other hosting providers?

Alternatively, I could get a parallel install of ADSL and so use Cable for the home network but ADSL for server hosting (or the other way around). Again, sounds a bit rediculous and I'll never go back to BT.

Any suggestions?

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