To host or not to host

Friday 10th June, 2005
As you may have read before, the server is hosted in my Kitchen! This is quick and easy and saves me a load of hassle but I'm begining to struggle with bandwidth.

I currently use NTL broadband for hosting which provides me with 256Kb upstream soon to increase to 300Kb. I get this bandwidth by subscribing to their top level (Gold class) 3000Kb package which costs me £37.99/mth.

Now I've started using VoIP for home phone, I'm struggling for upstream bandwidth. Whenever one of my websites is busy, or outbound email is being sent, my phoneline breaks up. One solution is to buy a VoIP aware router which will handle the bandwidth contention. But this means the website will slow down whenever I'm on the phone, not ideal.

So I'm toying with a hosting option. I can theoretically have a dedicated server with from $125/mth which isn't cheap but it's not so bad when paying in UK pounds. A bit overkill for just a hoppy, I'm not a consultant and this isn't my business, but not a bad price for what you get. Anybody recommend any other hosting providers?

Alternatively, I could get a parallel install of ADSL and so use Cable for the home network but ADSL for server hosting (or the other way around). Again, sounds a bit rediculous and I'll never go back to BT.

Any suggestions?

  1. 1) John Baxter Said: (10/06/2005 14:26:37 GMT) Gravatar Image
    To host or not to host


    I seem to recall Mr Buchan offering a Domino hosting service at what point, think he'd got a deal with an SP, might be worth a conversation?


  2. 2) Ben Rose Said: (10/06/2005 14:35:15 GMT) Gravatar Image
    To host or not to host


    Spoken to Bill and discussed options already. Problem being I want a server, not a database host. I want my own box that I can upgrade/downgrade as I desire.

  3. 3) Bob Obringer Said: (10/06/2005 15:31:34 GMT) Gravatar Image
    To host or not to host

    I'm very happy with my hosting service at { Link }

    The big problem is, however, exactly what you are looking for. No access to the OS. No access to administer anything. No HTTP connections via agent. No restricted agents. Still, the service is always very reliable, their support is great, and their prices for a shared server are very cheap. You want access to the OS, it's gonna run you at least $199 a month. Too steep for me.

    The other alternative is a router that will prioritize traffic for you. There are 4 of us that share an internet connection here. 2 are hardcore gamers and I am a hardcore bittorrent user. Problem is, when I was cranking away on some download, it would kill the connection for their games, which was no good. Enter the D-Link DGL 4300 Dual 802.11G (108GB) Router: { Link }

    It's a bit more expensive than a regular old router but it's been rock solid since we've set it up. There are 256 different levels of prioritization based on port range and ip range. World of Warcraft ports are set up as "0" (highest priority) and Bittorrent ports are set to "255" (lowest priority). Other stuff falls inbetween. I set up HTTP at "10" and FTP at "20" so everything just flows as expected. Same for VOIP (if I had voip).


  4. 4) Ben Rose Said: (10/06/2005 15:42:11 GMT) Gravatar Image
    To host or not to host

    Bob - Just the answer I needed. I can prioritise everything with this including SMTP/POP traffic.

  5. 5) TheOldGit Said: (10/06/2005 16:37:14 GMT) Gravatar Image
    To host or not to host


    I've just switched from NTLs cable broadband service to UKOnline ADSL. 500k up and 8Mb down for £30/month.

    { Link }

    Not a bad deal!

  6. 6) Stephan H. Wissel Said: (10/06/2005 17:28:47 GMT) Gravatar Image
    To host or not to host

    We just switched from co-location to hosting. A root server (in Germany) goes at EUR 150/month. You get P4/3GB, 200GB mirrored disk, Suse Linux (for some bucks more windows) and root access. Firewall is in the package and a tool where you can login on the serial port once you killed of your network connection. Bring your own software....

    Of course if you are a happy camper and are ok with some GB on a current Domino cum Tomcat, we can move over and share cost.

    :-) stw

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