Urgent Action Required

Monday 4th September, 2006
Dear Mr Rose

Your NTL services have been temporarily suspended due to non-payment of your overdue balance.


Well, there's a start, finally NTL have disconnected my TV/telephone/broadband services. Today is 4th September, I moved out of my old house at the beginning of June!

Disconnecting from NTL is simple, just follow the following easy steps:

1) Call customer services.
2) When informed the number is no longer in use, re-dial on the new number. Note, the new number is no longer freephone.
3) When the new number answers, follow the automated system and then join the queue for a customer services advisor.
4) Wait around 40mins to one hour, depending on time of day.
5) Supply customer services agent with account details as previously submitted to automated system.
6) Agent will tell you that they cannot handle disconnections and to call a different number.
7) Call new number
8) Follow automated system, get disconnected.
9) Redial and try again, get disconnected.
10) Try number a 3rd time, but choose a different option that you are moving house but don't want to be disconnected.
11) Speak to agent, who tells you that you've come through to wrong department.
12) Join queue for correct department.
13) Wait over 1hr and give up.
14) Try again on another 3 consecutive days
15) Try customer services, inform them that disconnections are only open 9-5, you work for a living and nobody seems to wants to answer phome.
16) Give up with customer services.
17) Give up with disconnections line and inform them in writing that you'd like to disconnect the service. Send recorded delivery.
18) If not done so already, cancel direct debit.
19) Wait 3months for credit control to disconnect service.
20) Phone them and laugh with your recorded delivery receipt. Laugh more as they find the letter on the system that nobody has actioned.
21) Hang up phone.
22) Don't use NTL ever again.

  1. 1) Andi Said: (04/09/2006 17:08:16 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Urgent Action Required

    Hehe, wait until you try and cancel Bulldog... ;)

    I got billed a full 2 years later for a service I transfered into someone else's name 6 months prior!

    Oh, and not 'billed' properly, no, they just took the money off an old credit card which I originally used just the once (was DD after that) for the initial £1 signup.

    Can they do anything about it? No, since it's not in my name and a DPA issue. Errr, and taking money off someone else's card isn't?

    CC company were as helpful as a chocolate teapot.

    Just stick with Bulldog forever, ok? ;)

  2. 2) G Said: (04/09/2006 17:19:35 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Urgent Action Required

    Now, Ben, you're making yourself look silly here.

    Don't be so picky !


  3. 3) Grant Norman Said: (05/09/2006 08:43:29 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Urgent Action Required

    Its about par for the course with NTL. Worst customer service ever.

    Leave space to add some more as time goes by:

    23) After 6 months of being disconnected, send letter to debt collectors who have suddenly asked for payment on an account with no balance

    24) After 24 months of no further contact send letter to another debt collection agency, with details of all transactions on the account with no balance.

    25) Go to { Link } and see that you are just one of many.

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