Verisign Mail Security, Archiving and DR

Friday 29th July, 2005
Whilst investigating a requirement for x.590 digital ID's, I found this page which covers a new product from Verisign Email Security called their Message Archive Services.

By using Verisign for your inbound and outbound mail exchangers they can not only offer the usual virus/spam cleaning tools that many companies do, but they will also provide and archiving and DR service.

They keep a copy of every message sent/received unaltered and, with the setup of journalling, can also keep a copy of internal messages. These can then be accessed, securely from the web as required for compliance investigations. On top of that, as they have a complete external message store, with the help of their Messaging Continuity Service, they can provide email services in the event of of a disaster until you get your messaging system back online.

Looks good, anyone used it?

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