Version 7.5

Wednesday 23rd August, 2006
OK, I'm confused...again.

Sametime, Quickplace & Domino Document Manager used to have different release schedules to Notes/Domino.

Then some bright spark (thank you, whomever you are) came up with the great idea of bringing them into line. You could easily see which release worked with what. Notes/Domino 6.5.1 came out, swiftly followed by Sametime 6.5.1, Quickplace 6.5.1 and Domino Document Manager 6.5.1. Genius. Then R7 came along with Sametime 7, Quickplace 7 and DDM 7 in tow.

So what the hell is Sametime 7.5? And why is it's partner in crime ND7.0.2? It seems that the Domino Directory template isn't even ready for Sametime 7.5 yet!

Mixed messages = total confusion.

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