Viva Las Vegas

Tuesday 6th September, 2005
My buddy Kris and I have booked a short notice trip to Las Vegas leaving on 14th September. We've been before but both of us were previously underage and accompanied by parents. Now we've grown up a bit it's time to do the town properly!

We've already pencilled in a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam etc. but if there's anything nearby that we shouldn't be missing please post a comment here and let us now. Any recommendations for casinos, clubs, barsm restaurants, shows etc....all welcome.

We also plan to do a bit of shopping whilst we're there...where's the best Mall in Vegas that isn't going to rip us off? We're mainly talking clothes and the odd iPod.

  1. 1) Gregg Eldred Said: (09/09/2005 16:45:34 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Viva Las Vegas

    A topic like this and no comments. Very sad. :-)

    A fairly good site is { Link } The last time that I was in Vegas, we visited Valley of Fire, { Link }

    We really liked it because we got out of Vegas, saw some great scenery, petrified wood, and a little history lesson. Amazing place. If you go, watch your speed on I-15, you'll know what I mean after you get out of Vegas. There is nothing there, you can see for miles, and you will tend to test the limits of your car. :-) The cops drive high performance cars, too (we saw a Corvette police car). The bar on the top of Rio was the "place to go" and may still be.


  2. 2) Gary Roberts Said: (09/09/2005 21:41:50 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Viva Las Vegas

    I'm sure some of the Notes folks who live there could give you a ton of ideas, I have my favorites too -- I used to spend 3 to 6 months a year there and quickly discovered the places the locals hangout are best!

    I don't get into the shows much -- I've seen most of them, but if you are inclined to see any shows at all, any of the Cirque du Soleil shows are a must!!!!!!!! Also, if the Cintas are still in town, go see them -- you won't be disappointed! Last time I was there they were at the Rio and were getting their own showroom built.

    As for restaurants, two stand out for me. The Steak House in Circus Circus is a must, and if you are into Japanese cuisine, the Geisha Steakhouse on Desert Inn Rd is a local, out-of-the-way place with great food and friendly staff and customers! I like the atmosphere in the Benihana at the Las Vegas Hilton but the food is much better at the Geisha.

    If you can get out of town, go to Mt. Charleston -- too bad you won't be there during October -- they have a GREAT Oktoberfest!

    Wanna take me with you???


  3. 3) Nick Said: (03/10/2005 12:03:40 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Viva Las Vegas

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  4. 4) Chris Whisonant Said: (31/10/2005 19:48:55 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Viva Las Vegas

    When I was there for Advisor2004, they were finishing up the mall at Caesar's Palace. Should be complete now.

    Also, don't forget to check out the fliers that the "immigrants" are handing out on every street corner...

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