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Thursday 10th February, 2005
Thought it was time for another VoIP update.
I'm still using Sipgate who I have now been with for quite sometime since I ditched Gossiptel who I haven't missed one bit but at least they did eventually credit me with the money they owed me.

Just over a week ago I asked Sipgate about why I couldn't dial 0870 and 0800 numbers and they informed me within 30mins (excellent service) that is should be working within a couple of weeks.

Obviously this week I've had need to call my car insurer and stuff which were undoubtedly on 0870/0800 numbers. I hoped for the best and dialled...all connected no problem. No charge for the 0800 number and "UK NATIONAL (7,51 p/min)" which is pretty reasonable considering all the other costs and zero line rental. To dial a freefone number with no charge whatsoever is pretty competitive to say the least.

Basically, so far so good with Sipgate.

My only issue, which is a VoIP not a Sipgate issue, is with the bandwidth requirement. I have a 1500/256 downstream/upstream service with NTL which is great for internet usage and handles VoIP pretty well but for one thing. I have a web/mail server hosted here and when it gets busy (users picking up email etc.) I find it can crack up the phoneline a bit, mainly on the remote end, and sometimes it will disconnect completely. I currently have my Sipura adapter set to the highest quality/bandwidth so I could maybe adjust this to improve it in this situation but just thought I'd make you aware of this if you're planning to host VoIP and another server on the same line.

I am aware there are broadband routers out there who run Quality of Service algorithyms to protect VoIP and these may well be worth an investment. As I understand it, Vonage may supply routers of this kind as standard but they won't allow me to use my own VoIP adapter.

  1. 1) Rock Said: (10/02/2005 14:34:17 GMT) Gravatar Image
    VoIP News

    Yes, the Linksys router I got with one of my Vonage accounts has "Quality of Service" circuitry built in. Also, I had a similar issue with my VoIP quality when I had it on the highest setting. I switched it to the middle setting - without telling my family - to see if I or anyone else noticed the difference. They didn't - at all. Not one complaint, from either my family nor from the people we talk to. So, I can recommend coming off of the highest setting to the mid-level setting.

    One other suggestion: I don't know what your setup is, but if you have two routers - the VoIP router and your regular "network" router - inline with each other you should put the VoIP router BEFORE the regular router. Most of the newer routers do have QoS built into them, but they have to control the stream from the cable modem. So, if this is your setup, you should have it in this order:

    cable modem --> VoIP router --> network router

    Hope this helps!


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