VoIP Update

Tuesday 30th November, 2004
I've taken one step towards VoIP - I've disconnected my landline!!!

A big step forward I know but as Ed Brill said when I told him, "who needs one"?

I've found a VoIP provider that appears to offers what I need in the shape of Gossiptel. As you'll see from the link, for the £9.99/month my landline carrier was charging they'll also give me a home phone but with the added benefits of:
  • 500 free mins to almost any International landline number
  • 1.5p/min (peak) or 1p/min (off-peak) to number outside of this scope.
  • 15p/min (peak) 10p/min (off-peak) 6p/min (weekends) to UK mobiles
  • Free Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Diversion, 3-way calls and many other features.
  • Can use existing home phone with an adapter.

Now this is the landline of choice...but do I really need one or shall I just add £10 to my mobile contract and be done with.

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