Wash...Blue Rinse...And Repeat

Tuesday 15th August, 2006
Recently John Head has been blogging a lot about getting together a series of Notes templates that could be used as a showcase for new/existing customers to show them just how powerful Notes can be. It's all good stuff.

Throughout the discussion there's been talk of getting all the template designs to have a standard look & feel, the so called "blue rinse", so I thought I'd share what I'd been up to here in my day job.

A little while ago, we decided to setup a Notes based employee appraisal system. It needed to be functional, whilst easy to use and meet our existing requirements exactly. The format of the appraisals is so strict that the current system used a protected document template in MS Word. This was OK, but the protection was so locked down, that the Office spell checker couldn't even function.

As my dev skills are pretty basic, I decided to hire the best developer I knew; one Steve Castledine - unfortunately I've now lost Steve's services to IBM!

Steve went away and created a workflow application to our specification and it was all good, except we didn't like the look & feel of it. The functionality was just fine, it just needed...hmmmm...a blue rinse. I pointed Steve to the standard Notes calendar form, as seen below.

I told Steve I wanted our new system to look like that. Users were, after all, pretty familiar with the standard Notes calendar UI and it would be nice to theme it all the same. He said he would see what he could do...and this was the result.

I'm sure you'll agree that the results are excellent, it looks just like a standard IBM template. We added in some themed views...

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