Web Conferencing

Wednesday 9th March, 2005
I was discussing a new product with a supplier last week and he decided the best thing would be to give me an online demo. Both being Lotus advocates, naturally, we chose Sametime for the task.

The supplier setup a meeting on his sametime server, pinged me the URL and I opened. Download a couple of applets, allow them and wait....

"Sametime disconnected"

I tried again, the same. I summised I was having a firewall issue somewhere. Changed proxy settings, no success. Changed PC..failed. Tried a machine located on a clean internet link OUTSIDE the firewall...sametime disconnected.

Needless to say, after a couple of Sametime server reboots and 30mins later, we gave up and signed up to a free trial of Webex - Worked first time.

It has to be said that some of these products have some way to go in modern firewalled environments. For internal use they're fine, but as soon as they're customer facing it's a whole heap of problems. Yes they can work...but how much effort? Not an area I'm going to recommend rushing into.

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