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Tuesday 1st November, 2005
It's all moving quickly here at LNUG, the membership registrations have been flying in since I opened the doors yesterday. Oddly we had several requests to be member #6 and everyone expected me to be #1...which I'm not. If you haven't let us have your registration yet, please send it through when you have a moment. So, onto the website news, which is all good from where I'm sat.

I had a chat with Steve Castledine last night and he's agreed to knock us up a website based on his ProjectDX Live Content Engine. What this means is that we can have easily managed and indexed document repositories, with secure access where necessary, all served up from our Domino back end but managable from the web; enabling our regional co-ordinators to update their own section quickly and easily.

We have lots of plans for the site and I'll be sending a draft plan over to Steve later today, but you can expect to see the following:
  • Site News
  • Yellow Pages - An online directory of Notes/Domino products and services. This may well take a wiki format and will contain information on companion products and tools for Notes along with links to reviews, their suppliers and consultants who may be able to help with the deployment. Basically, if you need a tool to achieve an objective in Notes, we hope our Yellow Pages will be the first port of call.
  • Job Postings - Got an opening for a contractor or permanent employee? Want to reach a base of dedicated Notes professionals? Post it with us.
  • Blog Hosting - Always wanted a blog but never quite got around to it? Don't have a public server an don't want to pay for hosting? Scared you haven't got enough to write about to keep readers coming back? With our Blog Aggregator we'll be able to merge multiple blogs together into one front end to increase the total content available. Blog hosting will be free of charge to LNUG members for personal (non-commercial) use.
  • Application Hosting - Got a little non-commercial Notes application for a club/society you need hosting. Ask us to LNUG members.

All this, and more...coming soon! Incidentally, if you have an idea for a site feature you'd like to see let us know.

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