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Tuesday 18th March, 2008
Welcome to Jaffa's Green Blog.

Launching soon, Jaffa's Green Blog will be investigating some of the facts and myths surrounding domestic energy consumption.

A plug-in device might save you power when an appliance is left on standby, but do the benefits really outweigh the costs? In real terms how much energy does a mobile phone charger use when left connected to the mains supply? Should we really be turning everything off at the wall? Or are the savings negligible?

Jaffa's Green Blog will investigate the power consumption of everyday devices around the home and let you know where you could be saving electricity, cutting costs and reducing CO2 output and the carbon footprint of your own home.

Additionally, we'll review some of the power saving devices available on the market today and see how they can be used to cut power consumption around your home.

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