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Monday 18th April, 2005
Aside from obvious Notes/Domino and Workplace hits, I'm getting a phenomenal amount of Google hits on a daily basis and thought I'd report back on what people are searching for.

Number 1 hit by far is "bebo.com". It seems I am the worlds biggest advisory on Bebo and their practices. So much so, I'm now even being contacted by their competition to review their systems on my site! To find more Bebo info, type it in my search box top right.

"pre-packed sandwich suppliers" is another big hit. With people looking for information on Daily Bread, the UK sandwich supplier. This follows a couple of articles on my site, here and here, regarding the lettuce content in their range. Shame they never replied.

"dyson ball" hits confirm that I've hit Google and is a #6 hit. No clear winner in my competition as myself & Alan appear in very different positions depending on the exact search term used. Update: It seems I misunderstood the competition a little and need to mention the phrase Dyson The Ball as otherwise I might not actually get a search hit on Dyson The Ball. Ah well, that should do it.

I'm now page 1 of Google for a search on "carphone warehouse billing", add in the word "error" and I'm all over the search results. You'd almost thing they had a problem billing correctly! Use "carphone" in my search box top right to read relevant articles.

The "nothing ever begins" quote from my first blog entry is a Google #1 too. Apologies to Clive Barker who penned the words long before me.

The net is still searching for naked pictures of Teri Hatcher after my review of the dire Desperate Housewives. Well, if I mention it again maybe I'll disappoint a few more Google searchers. IMHO, all the decent Teri Hatcher pics hit the new when she was in Superman years ago...not that I looked ;O)

Mountain Dew is a popular hit in the UK as it's not generally sold here. Big up to all those suppliers who import it. Search term "dew" in the box top right if you want more information.

The final, most suprising, hit I will highlight comes in the form of "enterprise rent-a-car blog". Funny how the company name and the word blog were both thrown in there. The client host in this case was searcher1.enterprise.com... no coincidence! It seems companies are now seriously searching for Blog entries that mention their products.

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