What is it with IBM?

Friday 29th April, 2005
As part of my email archiving project, I've spoken to a few people from IBM today relating to their CommonStore product.

Would you not think that the arguable market leaders in Groupware, Knowledge Management etc. might actually be able to share my contact details? They all manage to phone me up, but none of them ever seem to know anything else, e.g. my email address.

Maybe they follow their sales leads up too quickly for these details to replicate? I don't think so. I'm guessing the lead is sent, via email/IM, with limited information and these people don't use their CRM application enough...quite frustrating for the customer.

UPDATE: Just realised my new (again) account manager never even sent me the introductory email she promised. That's why she took the damn address! Ah well, as Bill would say, it's POETS day!

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