What’s It Worth?

Tuesday 15th November, 2005
I'm in negotiation with one of these cyberterrorist squatting companies for the Domain name jaffacake.co.uk which is currently in their name.

I offered them a pretty standard price for it as I really don't think it's much use to them. I already hold the .com .org and .net suffixes so no company or person in their right mind would bother paying the money for a domain that mainly owned by me and that I own google searches for. (Google Rank 6 now :-)

They tell me it's available for a lot more money than that...my reply:

It's ok, I have .net, .org and .com already; just trying to complete the set so I can double the rent and start building houses/hotels.

When you're ready to sell at a reasonable price, let me know.

I didn't expect a reply, but I got one:

What is your reasonable price?

Bearing in mind that I took someone out for dinner the other night and it cost me £100 - That was reasonable for a posh meal.

But then I spent £4995 on a brand new car - that was reasonable for a new Suzuki.

What is a reasonable price to complete the set.  - If I pass GO i collect £200!

Nice blog btw - you got me hooked reading then :o)

Kind Regards


So what's it worth then? To register a .uk domain with 123reg costs a whole £3.04 a year. They're nice people at 123reg you see and that's why they hold all my domain registrations. It takes a lot to get your name mentioned on this page as 10,000 genuine hits a day is quite a considerable advertising base. Now if "Andrew" was to sell it to me at a nice price, he too could get a really nice link and a big thank you for all my readers to see. They might even click the link to his site and see the other lovely names available.

Alternatively I could just surrender to the hostage taker's demands and pay up...not likely seeing as normal domains cost £3/yr. I mean, what next...he'll offer to submit me to Google and the other "top 50 search engines" for £50/yr?

So where do we go from here? What is a reasonable price? Aren't Suzuki's cheap these days? (I guess they have to compete with Aygo in today's market) Did Andrew have a Jaffacake dessert with his posh meal? Or maybe just the Sticky Richard?

All comments welcome - Incidentally, my offer of £20 was declined.

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