Where did Peter Go?

Thursday 10th August, 2006
Image:Where did Peter Go?
I thought I'd write in case, like me,  you were wondering what happened to MS blogger Peter de Haas.

Well, it seems, he let his domain name expire. Not only that, but it got hijacked by a 3rd party who wants €20,000 for it!

So...he's moved and can now be found at http://www.peterdehaas.net.

Credit to the guy for admitting it was all his own fault.

  1. 1) Peter de Haas Said: (10/08/2006 16:14:57 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Where did Peter Go?


    Thanks very much for this attention and I am glad to see some people miss me (sort of :-) ).

    As you have read I could get a second mortgage on my house to pay this fine "business man" what he thinks my domain name is worth ...

    Well... I am back; still struggeling a bit with regards to search engines and that sort of thing nut the blog is up for 5 days now on the new URL and I am very glad my RSS feed runs through Feedburner as this ensures some people know where to find me ...

  2. 2) Maddox Owns Said: (13/08/2006 05:48:01 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Where did Peter Go?

    Your mum.

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