Where do you keep yours?

Friday 25th February, 2005
A nice day off work today and pretty needed after a hard few weeks slog on project work leading up to end of year.

Just had a very fine meals of steak, chips, onions rings and mushrooms and, whilst making desert realised that maybe I don't keep me jaffacake.net server in the best of locations.

My server, believe it or not, sits right on the end of the worktop in the kitchen. Running 24/7 it makes a bit of noise with hard drives, fans etc. so the kitchen, already having fridge & washing machine etc. seems the ideal location. Also, it's generally cooler than the rest of the house so it's more suitable.

So today, when whisking up the milk for an Angel Delight desert the side of my server got a nice shower of butterscotch flavouring, haha.

So...the question is...where do you keep yours?

  1. 1) Kitty Said: (28/02/2005 10:05:26 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Where do you keep yours?

    Didn't realise Angel Delight still existed! Brings back childhood memories - thanks!

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