Who or What Are Penumbra Group?

Thursday 15th December, 2005
While surfing around the BlogOval (who said the world was a perfect sphere) I've come across many a reference to Penumbra Group and it's members. I know that recently Bill Buchan and Alan Bell have joined the clan, but never known exactly what it is. From the website:

Penumbra is a network of Business Partners who can draw upon deep experience and proven skills to deliver your business solution. You name a business software solution and a Penumbra Member will have delivered it. You get the value from that collective ability and a clear, consisitent focus on your project - we really do care for each customer, our reputation depends upon it.

Sounds impressive, especially when you read that they represent over 1 million seats!

So, would any of the Penumbra members out there care to share how Penumbra came about, whose idea it was and is it true that you have to bring a towel to the induction when you join?

Over to you guys...

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