Why are things never simple?

Sunday 22nd May, 2005
Why is it so difficult to spend money in the world. I got a bit of equity return from my written off car and decided to treat myself by spending on a Sky+ digital satellite installation, so I've been waiting all week excited to have it installed.

I already have digital TV through NTL, but I've kinda had enough of NTL's poor service and ever increasing prices. Sky+ would offer me more of the same with a few bonuses. NTL usually works out cheaper as it includes the free phone service, but not I've gone VoIP I don't benefit from this any more.

So it was all ordered and I awaited my engineer's call before 9am today to advise on his arrival time. In Star Wars style I got a bad feeling about this when I didn't get the expected call. 10am...11am...nothing. Just gone noon, doorbell. Sky installer, well not quite...a sub contractor. He left 5mins later, no installation. Apparently he hadn't got the bracket needed to put the dish up. Fancy that...a satellite installation needing a dish on the wall! I'd need to reschedule when they had some brackets in, there were none in the depot and he'd driven the best part of 100miles to get to me. Incidentally, being a sub-contractor, he doesn't get paid for an incomplete installation.

I called Sky, loads of conflicting and otherwise bullsh** excuses and I've cancelled. What's the point in leaving a supplier on poor service grounds when the destination can't even offer good service BEFORE connection. Sky+ was going to cost me £100 for the unit and about £20/mth more for the package...I give up.

Would anybody out there like to offer me good service? That's another one on my blacklist to go with BT, MBNA credit cards, British Gas, Singlepoint mobile phones, Carphone Warehouse and Royal Sun Alliance insurance. All lame providers with lamer service.

The only worthy company for service in the UK that I've experienced is energy supplier Seeboard. Quality service every time.

Anybody wanna share some examples of good or bad service?

  1. 1) Stephan H. Wissel Said: (22/05/2005 17:21:54 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Time to kiss TV goodbye?

    Sometimes bad service can be the signal to rethink consumption. Do we really need that service or would my life get more valuable without it? I did the experiment - no TV for 5 years - and didn't miss it. Unfortunatly it came back when I moved in with my wife.

    :-) stw

  2. 2) Michael Rice Said: (09/06/2005 21:38:37 GMT) Gravatar Image
    Why are things never simple?

    Check here for my Hall of Shame { Link }

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