Windows 2003 - End of PC Anywhere?

Friday 27th August, 2004
Being in a large corporate these days instead of a reseller I'm usually a little slow of the marks when it comes to new technologies. Whilst I play around with things in a test environment when I have a minute it seems the minutes available become less and less.

Finally this week, I have a Domino Server running on Windows 2003, not just another Win32 platform. Whilst Microsoft introduced terminal services natively in Windows 2000 I've never adopted it within my production servers. Along with the fact that a TS session refuses to display the Domino Server console, I've always been worried about rumours of TS sessions causing registry conflicts when 2 concurrent users change the same setting at around the same time.

Windows 2003 goes a step further by implementing more of the Remote Desktop capabilities of Windows XP. Adding the "-console" parameter to a TS shortcut allows the user not just to open a TS session, but actually one that controls the server desktop; a valuable addition. Now I can see the remote console remotely I see this as a big win. Currently we licence a PC Anywhere host for each server and Terminal Services are left disabled.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

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