Xmas 2005

Monday 12th December, 2005
So, it's that time of year again where everybody (ok, not everyone) asks me what I want for christmas and I respond with the usual, 'errr...i dunno, i'll send you a list'

So, as I did last year, here's this years list. Things are much harder this year, since my divorce was finalised I've had a bit more cash to hand and since switching to a company car after my accident I've had even more pocket money. This means I've bought most of the things I want. So, here's what I can think of:

As I said last year, please no console games. My PS2 is collecting dust...it's PC games all the way.
  • Call of Duty 2 - PC £26.99 here
  • Sniper Elite - PC £16.99 here
  • Donations to Cancer Research -  here
  • A tie-pin - I only had a couple of tie-pins and appear to have misplaced one. A nice one would be nice
  • Ties - My tie collection is getting a bit outdated - My main suits are navy and black so needs to go with them and blue, pink or white shirts.
  • Nice red or white Wine - Rioja reserva is always nice for red and Sauvignon for white.
  • Star Wars III - Revenge of the Sith DVD £15.99 here
  • Signs of Life book - As shown here
  • Black socks - mine are going grey (like my hair, haha)

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