Xmas List 2004

Tuesday 7th December, 2004

Please no Playstation games this year, I've heavily specced up my PC for gaming and hardly use the PS2 now.

I've got Halflife 2 on the day it came out so don't buy that!

I've also got Doom 3 thanks
  • New cordless DECTphone(s) - No answer phone or txt messaging requirement, just ordinary phones that (preferably) allow for the use of a hands-free headset. One handset would be fine, but twin-packs are convenient as one charges whilst the other is in use. This is my dream phone but I'm struggling for a UK supplier. Update: an answer phone unit would be suitable after all :O)
  • Spooks Season 1 - DVD Link
  • Spooks Season 2 - DVD Link
  • Toy Story 1 & 2 - DVD Link (I know there's a pixar box set but I have Monsters Inc. and Bugs Life)
  • Love Actually DVD Link
  • Robbie Williams Greatest Hits CD Link
  • Keane CD - Link
  • Britney Greatest Hits CD - Link
  • Britney Greatest Hits DVD - Link
  • Pyjamas - Long sleeve t-shirt style ones like those from next- No buttons or collar type!!! Size Medium. Link
  • Braun Clean & Charge Station for Syncro 7570 electric razor.  (mine's broke!)
  • Snow Patrol - Final Straw CD - Link (added to list 9/12/2004)
  • Some Veuve Clicquot - Always nice for a drink (added to list 9/12/2004)
  • Good Rioja - Often over budget for me ( added 9/12/2004)
  • Need For Speed Underground 2 for PC Link ( added 9/12/2004)
  • To be continued...

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