Zero Emissions

Thursday 24th February, 2011
Do your light bulbs have little stickers on the box saying "Zero Emissions"?

How about your flat-screen TV?

How about you fridge?

Oh, they don't? But aren't they powered from electricity? Don't they plug in the wall like those fancy new electric cars?

Just because a car doesn't have an exhaust pipe does NOT make it zero emissions. Advertisements have been banned for making the claim and any vehicle manufacturer who makes such a claim is misleading you - there is always an environmental cost.

To help the environment, we've been encouraging people to turn off electrical appliances when they aren't in use. That's because electricity generation creates emissions. As I write this entry, just 5% of UK electricity is being charged from renewable means - 95% of it generates CO2 or other waste products. Renewable sources are maxed out and if you plug in your electric car, as instructed on this site, you will add to the demand and generate extra emissions. Even if you're on a 100% renewable tariff for your domestic electricity, it will just mean the existing renewable supplies are diverted away - in a virtual sense - from another consumer who isn't stupid enough to pay those over-inflated prices. In reality, it's done through paper and billing.

Zero emissions? I don't think so.

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