Zero Emissions? Or Just Hot Air?

Wednesday 2nd November, 2011
Regular readers of this site will likely have read some of the previous articles featured on this site around the Nissan LEAF and electric cars in general. So imagine my surprise when British Gas contacted me to let me know they run Nissan LEAF models as pool cars from there offices in Windsor and Staines.

Not only that, but they claim that these cars are truly zero emissions as they are each powered by some dedicated solar panels - recharging the vehicles using just the power of the sun.

Needless to say I was keen to take a look so I packed my camera, a Surrey Police Inspector and the team and we headed over there for a special report.

Are these Nissan LEAF pool cars truly zero emissions from usage? Or is British Gas trying to sell us a load of hot air? Take a look at the full article over on the site.

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